Inner Ear Biology Workshop 2014 in Kyoto

Social Programs

Open to all conference delegates and accompanying persons. Advance reservation required.
  • You are requested to have your name tag and your reservation tickets for all events. As for the Get Together, tickets are no required.

Saturday, November 1, 2014   17:30-19:30

Get Together

ICC Kyoto, Banquet Hall, "Swan" (1F)
Dress code:
  • All participants are cordially invited to the buffet style "Get Together". You will enjoy Western and Japanese cuisine in the "Swan" adjacent the beautiful Japanese garden.
ICC Kyoto, Japanese gardenICC Kyoto, Japanese garden

Sunday, November 2, 2014   18:30-22:00

Welcome Reception

The Sodoh Higashiyama and Kiyomizu Temple
Dress code:
Smart Casual
  • All participants are cordially invited to the buffet style "Welcome Reception". (Advance reservation required)
    Dress warmly, wear comfortable shoes
  • Transportation: Shuttle bus service will be provided from ICC Kyoto with return drop-offs at major hotels.

The Sodoh Higashiyama

This restaurant was formerly the residence of the famous Japanese painter, Seihou Takeuchi. Italian dishes are served with seasonal Kyoto ingredients.

The Illuminated Kiyomizu Temple, Private Visitation

Here you will witness the magnificent sight of the illuminated temple and the panoramic night view of Kyoto city, supremely beautiful, especially in autumn. A short, elegant concert will be offered in the ambience of the temple. This is an exclusive opportunity only for the registered participants. It is a must-see.

~ Special Concert ~

A musical collaboration of the “Shakuhachi”, Japanese bamboo flute, and the harp accompanied by voice will be presented on the renowned veranda of the Kiyomizu stage.

Kiyomizu Temple: UNESCO World Heritage Site

This temple was established in 778. The Main Hall with its extended veranda is a National Treasure. The majority of the 13 halls and 2 pagodas in the precinct are designated as Important Cultural Assets. The veranda on a 13 meter cliff is supported by wooden pillars without nails. It commands a panoramic view of the city.

Illuminated Kiyomizu Temple Illuminated Kiyomizu Temple
Traditional District near Kiyomizu Temple Traditional District near Kiyomizu

Tuesday, November 4, 2014   17:00-21:00

Private Noh Performance and Banquet

Kyoto Kanze Kaikan Noh Theater and Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto, "Mizuho"
Dress code:
Smart Casual
  • All participants are cordially invited to the Banquet.
    (Advance reservation required)
  • Transport: Shuttle bus service will be provided from ICC Kyoto with return drop-offs at major hotels.

Banquet entertainment by Maiko and Geiko

The Maiko are young apprentice Geiko who are trained in dancing, singing, and playing traditional Japanese musical instruments for the ultimate entertainment of selected guests. You will have an opportunity to talk with them and take photos.

Maiko Dance Maiko Dance

Special Private Noh Performance

Noh: "Aoi no Ue" (Lady Aoi from the "Tale of Genji")
performed by Katayama Kurouemon, Kanze School


Noh is the oldest and highest level classical stage art dating back to the 14th century under the protection of the Ashikaga Shogunate. It was designated as an 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' by UNESCO in 2001.
The Noh play is brought into perfect harmony of music, dance and narrative chorus. The beauty of Noh masks and colorful brocade costumes transfixes the eye of the viewer. Noh creates a deep beauty known as "yugen", the subtle and profound.

Aoi no Ue

Lady Aoi, Prince Genji’s wife lies stricken with a mysterious illness due to the jealousy of Lady Rokujo, Prince Genji’s former mistress. A priestess is summoned to evoke the evil spirit of Lady Rokujo. Lady Rokujo then becomes subdued by the incantations of a priest.
This should most definitely be an unforgettable experience.

"Aoi no Ue""Aoi no Ue"
Kanze Kaikan Noh StageKanze Kaikan Noh Stage

Monday, November 3, 2014   19:30-

Japanese Cuisine Experience for Dinner

Departure time: 18:50
Shuttle buses leave ICC Kyoto, Main entrance

  • Shuttle bus will be provided from ICC Kyoto to the restaurants, however, not from the restaurants after dinner so that you can enjoy the city night life.

Japanese cuisine may be described as traditional products, exquisitely prepared and presented, emphasizing delicate shades of color, seasonality, taste and texture. It was designated as an Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO in autumn, 2013.
This will no doubt be a memorable experience for you.

Choices of Japanese Cuisine for Dinner

*Regretfully all reservations have been filled.

A: Sushi (nigirizushi)

Ganko Takasegawa Nijo En
Dress code:

Nigirizushi is one of the varieties of sushi. Vinegar seasoned rice is molded into small oval shapes. Then a very small amount of wasabi or horse radish, and a slice of raw fish or other delicacies top the rice. You can enjoy a hands-on experience.

B: Izakaya

Iroha-karuta, Honten
Dress code:

Izakaya is a Japanese-style eating and drinking venue. It is especially popular among young adults as a casual and reasonably priced place for socializing. Many office workers and students enjoy food and drinks with friends at Izakaya.

C: Kaiseki Cuisine

Shimogamo Saryo
Dress code:
Smart Casual

Kaiseki cuisine began as an intricate part of chanoyu or the Way of Tea. Later it was blended with imperial court cuisine and shojin cuisine (vegetarian dishes for Buddhist priests) to become an elaborate, gorgeous multi-course meal. Each dish is presented beautifully in exquisite dinnerware with the sense of season. Things from nature, such as foliage and flowers, often adorn the dish to heighten seasonality. High-end Japanese restaurants and inns serve Kaiseki dinners. the ultimate in Japanese cuisine.

Sushi sushi
Izakaya Izakaya
Kaiseki Cuisine Kaiseki Cuisine

Application for Social Programs

For Social Programs ("Welcome Reception", "Private Noh Performance and Banquet"), shuttle bus service will be provided from ICC Kyoto and returning to the major hotels.

Application for Registration and Social Programs should be made through the Organizing Secretariat. (Refer to "Registration")