Inner Ear Biology Workshop 2014 in Kyoto

Optional Half-Day Tours (OP-1, OP-2)

The autumn colored beauty in Kyoto is most majestic in November. The following Tours in Kyoto have been especially planned by the organizers in hopes that you will enjoy the many facets of Kyoto in its height of brilliance and that the programs will enhance and deepen your understanding of Japan, the people and its culture.

OP-1 Monday, November 3, 2014

Fee: ¥3,000   *An English speaking guide will be available

9:00 Shuttle bus leaves ICC Kyoto, main entrance
Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion)
Ryoanji Temple (Rock Garden)
Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts
13:00 ICC Kyoto (Lunch)

Kinkakuji Temple

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Kinkauji Temple was originally the villa of Yoshimitsu Ashikaga, the Shogun of the 14th century and was later converted to a Zen temple. It is renowned for its three-story pavilion with gold-leaf gilding which reflects beautifully on the surface of the Mirror Pond.

Ryoanji Temple

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Ryoanji Temple was previously the villa of noble families and became a Zen temple in the 15th century. The rock garden is famous for the fifteen rocks arranged on the raked sand, a masterly example of the beauty and harmony of the dry landscape garden of Zen temples.

Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts

Beautiful examples of Kyoto’s fine traditional arts and crafts are gathered and displayed here with detailed English explanations. You will have a chance to absorb the techniques of how these are created. Master craftsmen will be demonstrating.

Kinkakuji Temple Kinkakuji Temple
Kimono design/Ryoanji Temple Kimono design/Ryoanji Temple

OP-2 Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fee: ¥3,000   *An English speaking guide will be available

9:00 Shuttle bus leave ICC Kyoto, main entrance
Zazen (Zen Meditation) at Kenninji Temple
Nishiki Market
Nijo Castle
13:30 ICC Kyoto (Lunch)

Zazen (sitting Zen Meditation)

Zazen is a unique form of meditation of central importance to Zen Buddhism. By minimizing external thoughts during meditation, practitioners seek to attain the highest possible state of mental concentration, and the inner experience towards enlightenment. Zazen is the study of the self.

  • Wear loose clothing. Chairs will be available.

Kenninji Temple

Kenninji is the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto. It ranks among the top five Rinzai sect zen temples in Kyoto.

Nishiki Market

In Nishiki Market, the Kitchen of Kyoto, food for Japanese cuisine is sold. You will experience a feeling of Kyoto’s food culture!

Nijo Castle

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Nijo Castle was built in 1603 as the residence of the Tokugawa Shogunate who ruled in Edo, Tokyo. The gorgeous paintings on the sliding doors are by famous artists of the Kano school.

Zen Meditation Zen Meditation
Nishiki Market Nishiki Market
Nijo Castle Nijo Castle

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Application for Optional Tours

Optional Tours will depart and return to ICC Kyoto by shuttle bus.

Application for Optional Tours and Hotel reservation should be made through JTB Western Japan, Corp. (Refer to "Accommodation and Travel")

Kyoto - Ancient Capital

Kyoto was the ancient capital of Japan for more than 1000 years since the 8th century.
It flourished as the center of politics and culture until the capital was moved to Tokyo in 1868. It attracted scholars, artisans and religious leaders, whose works created representative elements of Japanese culture. Exquisite arts and crafts such as chado (tea ceremony), ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), silk kimono and textiles all have their origins here. There is a castle, many magnificent temples and shrines, of which seventeen have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Kyoto is not only a historical but also a modern technically advanced city. There are also many stylish and high-tech buildings.
Autumn with its magnificent colored nature is the best time to experience the fascinating city, Kyoto.