The Kadota Fund International Forum 2011(KIF 2011)

Theme of KIF 2011

      Western medicine is based on reductionism. Therefore, man is viewed as a complex being composed of many organs and parts, each to be treated individually. In this paradigm, the mind is often treated as a distinct organ unrelated to the body. In the 21st century, rapid development of brain sciences provides us with a more comprehensive view of man as a whole being, comprised of body and mind plus his environment.

      This conference addresses three aspects of this emerging medical vision. First, the shifting medical viewpoint in which body-mind dualism is replaced by wholism. Second, the mind's partnership with the body. Thirdly, discussions of how to incorporate this new paradigm while working in medicine.

Part I: Mind, Body and Environment - Science of the Non-local Mind -
Part II: Life of the Forest, Life of Mankind