Thermophiles 2019

Call for Abstracts

In addition to Invited Lectures, we welcome you to submit abstracts for Oral or Poster presentations.

Session Topics

The Congress invites abstracts for Oral/Poster sessions related to the following topics.

1. Applied Microbiology 13. Genetics
2. Astrobiology 14. Genomics
3. Biodiversity 15. Metabolism
4. Biotechnology 16. Metagenomics
5. Evolution 17. Origin of Life
6. Microbial Ecology 18. Physiology
7. Proteins/Enzyme Application 19. RNA biology
8. Protein modification 20. Thermophily
9. Cell membrane/Cell Surface 21. Transcription
10. CRISPR 22. Translation
11. DNA replication/DNA repair 23. Viruses
12. Gene expression  

How to Submit

Authors are requested to submit their abstracts prepared in MS Word via the Internet. Those unable to complete the online submission should contact the Organizing Secretariat directly at E-mail: .

Instructions for Preparing Abstracts

  1. The on-line system can only accept MS Word documents. Other documents will not be accepted.
  2. Please download the abstract template from the website and overwrite on it, following the instructions. The allotted space for the abstract is one page: effective space 17 cm (width) x 22.5 cm (height). Any graphs/tables/images should not be included.
  3. When you complete the abstract, save it with the name of the presenting author. "MAC" users are requested to add ".docx" at the end of the file name. e.g. "ishino.docx"
  4. Click On-line Abstract Submission.
  5. Fill in the required boxes on the abstract submission form, including preference of oral/poster presentations and appropriate topic number chosen from the above-mentioned 23 areas which best related to your presentation.
  6. Attach your abstract file at the last section of the form.
  7. Confirmation of abstract submission will be sent to the presenting author by e-mail.
Abstract Submission Deadline: June 5, 2019 (extended)

Notification of Acceptance

Notice of acceptance will be e-mailed in late June, 2019. Accepted papers will be presented at Oral or Poster sessions. Accepted abstracts will be included in the abstract book of the Congress upon completion of registration.


The official language of the Congress is English.

Oral Presentation

Poster Panel

LCD projection will be available for Oral Presentations.

Poster Presentation

Please prepare your poster according to the following guidelines. The poster will be mounted on a panel of 90 cm (width) x 150 cm (height). Please refer to the illustration.

Title: Use an area of 20-25 cm (height) x 90 cm (width) at the top of the poster for the title, authors’ names and affiliations.

Text, Tables and Figures: All material should be visible from a distance of 2 meters. Poster numbers and pins will be provided by the Congress.